About our fresh produce  

Our produce is grown locally, not shipped across the country.  We pride ourselves in our ability to go straight from field to market.  In fact, throughout the growing season, you might see our fresh produce being pulled by wagon up to the market! 

Our fresh produce life cycle begins each spring.  In mid-March, the 15 acre field is prepared, plastic and irrigation lines are set in place.  By mid-April,  transplants are established in the field.  Our fields are located in rich soils next to the Oostanaula River, allowing our produce to receive the maximum amount of natural soil minerals. We transplant at various times throughout the spring to assure we have fruits and vegetables coming in all summer.

From our farm to your table, we hope you enjoy our fresh local produce!

Farm Fresh Produce
At Lowrey’s Farm Market, our goal is to offer our customers fresh, healthy produce straight from the field.  “Rome Grown” is the term we like to use to describe our produce.  Our customers are more than customers; they are our friends and neighbors.  Our community deserves to have fresh, local produce, and we strive to provide that need.  

We offer the following fresh produce:
                       Sweet Corn                                                   Watermelons
                    Okra                                                                Cantaloupe
                  Squash                                                            Tomatoes
                    Zucchini                                                         Blueberries

                                                                      Green Beans                                                 Shelled peas


                                                                                                       and more!