All Natural Angus Beef and Whole Hog Sausage
At Lowrey’s Farm Market, we pride ourselves in offering our Angus beef straight from field to market. 
We offer the following select cuts of Angus Beef:
                                                                                Rib eye
                                                                                Ny Strip
                                                                            Cube Steak
                                                                      All cuts of roasts                        
                                                                90% Lean Ground Beef  

**Lowrey’s Farm Angus Beef is graded according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s grading standards and is graded PRIME. 

About our Angus Beef - 

Lowrey Farms operates a 200 head cow/calf operation.  At weaning, our steers go straight to their own Bermuda and Fescue pastures where they receive approximately 7lb of a commodity blend feed composed of rolled corn (or milo), soybean meal,  and ground hay…all of which is raised by Lowrey Farms.  We do not use growth hormones or antibiotics in our Angus Beef herd.  It doesn’t get more natural than that! From this herd, a select five to six steers are chosen to be processed each spring.  The processing takes place in April and the beef will be ready for purchase when Lowrey’s Farm Market opens in May.  Until that time, our Angus herd lives a content life enjoying open pastures with all the hay they desire. 


Lowrey’s Farm Market Whole Hog Sausage  

“Whole Hog” sausage is another quality product offered by Lowrey’s Farm Market.  The finest Hogs are chosen from the best herds and taken to the processor.

What exactly is “Whole Hog” sausage?

The "whole hog" sausage must include the following five cuts of the hog:

This is the reason the flavor of “whole hog” sausage is outstanding.  “Whole Hog” sausage is incredibly lean and when cooked produces just enough fat to cook the sausage in the pan.  Customers tell us that our “Whole Hog” sausage takes breakfast to a whole new level!   And we think they are right!